The textiles industry is the second most polluting industry globally and is renowned for its poor labour conditions and excessive pollution. 

With the world waking up to the need for change (a 2021 Deloitte survey confirms 32% of people in the UK are highly engaged with adopting more sustainable lifestyles*), Skylos Collective is part of a growing movement that draws on innovation and puts best practises into play.  

We donate 2% of our profits to the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa, a truly incredible organisation supporting animals in under-privileged areas of Cape Town.



When fruit juice and compost is made, there are lots of leftovers - stalks, seeds, skins etc which cannot be used. These are known as pomace and are what is used in making apple leather.

Every year 30,000 tons of apples are wasted. Approximately 25-40% of the apple ends up as pomace and normally is either thermally destroyed or goes to landfill. 

To make the apple leather, the pomace is dried and then ground into a powder. This apple powder is then mixed with water based PU resin. At the end of the process, an innovative, vegan sustainable material is created. The apple originate from Northern Italy and are processed into apple leather 10km from Florence, in the heart of Tuscany.

The apple leather is certified as; PETA approved Vegan, OEKO-tex, Global Recycled Standard, ISO and others!  

The lifecycle assessment shows how apple leather is the more sustainable choice in comparison to vegan leather. To see the full LCA, click here.




We work with female-owned, highly skilled manufacturing partners in Lancashire, UK. Our collection is all hand made to the highest standards, quality levels which are synonymous with luxury handbags.

We strive to be sustainable in all aspects of our work, and working with partners who share the same ethos is so important to us. 

By choosing to produce locally, we are actively contributing to the preservation of leather craft skills in the UK. They are sadly a dying art and we are keen to play our part in ensuring the cultural heritage of these skills remain in Great Britain. Also, by producing locally, our carbon paw print is reduced as we have fewer transport emissions.

Have total peace of mind knowing  that your Skylos Collective wear is made with love and utmost attention to detail by skilled, dextrous craftspeople.

We are proud of our commitment to local production!


Transparency is a core pillar of what we do at Skylos Collective.

We are proud of the fact that we highlight our transparency as we are happy to showcase the good work we are doing, the impact we are creating and how we work respecting people and our incredible planet. Through being transparent, we are building trust and connecting with amazing, like minded folk as we work together through sustainable trade to create a better tomorrow. It also supports us in being accountable and making meaningful impact through our work.

All Skylos Collective products come with their unique QR code, found on the tag, which when scanned enables customers to see first-hand the value chain of the product and learn about our sustainability efforts, the UN’s sustainable development goals we are contributing to and to our commitment to donate 2% to the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa.