Sustainable dog poop bags made with oyster shell extract

Sustainable dog poop bags made with oyster shell extract

Introducing Eco-Friendly Poo Bags: A Responsible Choice for Your Furry Friend

At Skylos Collective, we take pet ownership seriously, and we understand that you, as responsible dog owners, are keen on maintaining a balance between quality and sustainability. That's why we're excited to present our eco-friendly poo bags – the perfect solution for discerning dog parents like you.

Our Poo Bags: Sturdy, Discreet, and Earth-Friendly

Our pride and joy, these poo bags boast a winning combination of durability, discretion, and an eco-conscious twist. Here's what makes them stand out: 

  1. Dark Green Camouflage: Our bags come in a dark green colour carefully chosen to expertly disguise the doo inside.
  1. Unscented for a Reason: We're committed to keeping things as natural as possible. Our unscented bags mean no artificial fragrances, as perfumed poop is not the one.
  1. Made with Oceanex: A Sustainable Choice

Our bags are crafted using Oceanex, a revolutionary material derived from oyster shells. Why do we love it? Here's why:

   - It's an eco-friendly solution that reduces our reliance on petroleum-based materials, aligning perfectly with our commitment to sustainability.

   - Oceanex is sourced from sustainable oyster industry shells, making it a responsible choice for eco-conscious dog owners. 

   - This innovative material helps extend the lifecycle of oyster shells, as otherwise, they would typically be sent to landfill or discarded in local waters (which runs the risk of unbalancing local marine ecosystems).

  1. Eco-Friendly Production Process: Our bags go through a meticulous transformation process. From oyster shells to poo bags, the shells are dried and blended into a powder. They are then combined with 30% post-consumer waste HDPE and in addition to a percentage virgin materials to create the final product.
  1. Degradable, Not Compostable: Our bags are designed to degrade over time, reducing their environmental impact. While they're not compostable, they contribute to a healthier planet by breaking down naturally without harming the environment.


  1. No Allergy risk: Rest assured, these dog waste bags will not cause any issues for those with seafood allergies.
  1. 15 Microns of Strength: We've chosen bags that are 15 microns thick, ensuring they're robust enough to handle all types of business while providing the perfect size for your convenience.

  1. Global Commitment: While we'd love to support local manufacturing, the closure of the UK production facility has led us to source our bags from the Far East. We're continuously exploring sustainable production options. 

We're thrilled to offer these exceptional eco-friendly poo bags to discerning dogs. If you have any questions or wish to stock our products, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Ella at



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